Nobody from twitch? I have been waiting for an hour and apparently there are no streamers. I don't know if it's just bad luck, or there is something wrong. Obligatory: Please, bring back the forums. I don't know why, but all the text gets put together even if I'm trying to put the paragraphs separated.
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02.24.2024 21:55:14 - Aradiel. -
Streamers aren't streaming. The forums are still there. They just replaced the link everyone was used to using for some reason.
02.24.2024 22:11:11 - Ilaem -
i waiting from more of 1 hour but no streamering...
02.25.2024 00:13:43 - Popularan -
I can't wait this long to do my streaming quest. I'm too impatient!
02.25.2024 00:31:47 - Ilaem -
I miss 16 ARP because there are no streams T . T It's so strange that no one is online.
02.25.2024 00:41:57 - Punished_Pyle -
This guy's live on the front page right now, but when I click through I don't see the AWA tracking widget anywhere. Is something borked in the code somewhere?
02.25.2024 00:43:09 - Punished_Pyle -
Also, I don't see him in the Control Center list (nor anyone, for that matter). I suspect we have a bug.
02.25.2024 00:45:34 - Punished_Pyle -
Never mind, it's working now.
02.25.2024 00:53:34 - WUG88 -
I was bout to post something about this but seen this. Seriously, 30 people in the cult and not one of them are online? Maybe y'all need new streamers or add some of the community streamers to the list and set them up with a fancy PC. ☺
02.25.2024 00:55:33 - dreZmoL -
@Punished_Pyle FooYa is online :)
02.25.2024 02:37:52 - MysteriousMrX -
For the paragraphs, according to their new markdown scheme: "Line breaks - two spaces at the end of a line and press enter"