Personal milestone for playing The Finals eight hours in the community event still locked. Despite keeping the game running while idle for 11.1 hrs last two weeks. The tracker still says: "Your Total Hours: 7", seems stuck apparently. What's going on? I'd like to move onto something more productive and stop idling this bad game lol.
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02.28.2024 16:28:44 - decizion -
02.28.2024 16:35:49 - Joah-Den -
Mine was stuck in the begining, but luckily after logging completely out of both the game and Arena site, and sometime the next day i saw progress add in, but maybe I was just lucky.
02.28.2024 16:41:27 - Joah-Den -
The only other thing I did was play the game several rounds (out of frustration) before I knew it, a couple hours went by and I started making progress again. after doing what i did above.