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Killer wifi keeps losing internet connection

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I received my Alienware laptop on Wednesday.  Ever since I turned in on I have been having issues with my wifi dropping the internet connection.  Oddly, wifi seems to be connected, but the internet access goes out.  I have been on other devices on the same network while the internet was "out" on my laptop.  

This doesn't really seem to happen much under normal loads.  It was a major problem when I was downloading games off of Steam.  I have only had it happen once under normal browsing conditions, but something may have been going on in the background at that time.

I have rebooted my router and fully uninstalled the wifi adapter drivers and installed the latest from Killer's website.  I have also disabled power management for the adapter.  At this point, it seems more stable, but I have not put it under any heavy loads; however, that one drop I referred to above occurred last night after all these changes.  So I am concerned the issue isn't really resolved and will pop up as soon as I try to download content from Steam.

I am kind of in "wait and see" mode, but I am wondering if anyone else has any other suggestions before I call Dell/Alienware? Is this a common issue?  

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This is a known issue with the Killer adapters.  Apparently they're testing a beta driver right now to fix it, and it's been given out to a select few people (not me).

Anyway, to fix this issue there are a few things that have been suggested to me by other Alienware owners:

1. Uninstall the Killer Suite from windows.  Download the bare drivers from their website:  Chose the 64 bit version.  You'll have to download it and extract it into a folder.  Then open your Device Manager, right click on the "Killer Wireless-n/a/ac 1535 Wireless Network Adapter", click on properties.  Select the driver tab, click on Update Driver, select "Browse my computer for driver software", and then point it to the folder where you extracted the driver to.  Windows will install the driver you selected.  Restart the computer.  Once it's restarted, go back into Device Manager, "Killer Wireless-n/a/ac 1535 Wireless Network Adapter", select the Advanced tab, under preferred band select either 5ghz or 2.4ghz (whichever one you would prefer to use), and then under Roaming Aggressiveness, set it to Lowest.  Click OK. 

The above worked for me 100%.  I have not had a single dropped connection since doing that.  Hopefully the new drivers will be available soon for our systems.

Only way is to reinstall the drivers, re install windows. 

Howdy rednival,

This seems to be an ongoing issue with the Killer WiFi suite.  The features that allow it to detect and prioritize game traffic sometimes seem to drop all packets.  So your adapter stays connected, but you cant get anywhere.   The solution tends to be new drivers, as this problem has been cropping up for years, you would think they would have figured out how to fix it by now.  You can also go into the Killer software suite, and turn off the prioritization feature (which basically makes it act as a vanilla adapter, instead of the "gaming" one).  You can also do kind of what TLS2000 suggested, and uninstall the suite and just install the barebones driver.  Setting the advanced options as suggested, really isn't necessary (but it doesn't hurt), as the main thing is the Killer Suite.  This problem impacted my Alienware 17 Mx17 R4 for months when I first got it in 2012, and new drivers were finally published that fixed it.  Since I upgraded to the 17 R3 in 2015, I have been primarily using the wired LAN on it, so I am not sure if the problem still exists for that model, but you have confirmed that it is still an issue.  Do a search on the forum here, you will find many-many threads talking about this very issue with older systems.  Good luck!

Rich S.

Guys, I had the same problem with my Alienware 15 and I tried everything to make it work. The final result was a new wireless card (Intel 8565) which works perfectly and doesn't drop anymore. 

I can finally stay on internet and do whatever I want without any drop. I recommand that wireless card :). 


I was experiencing this as well before I updated my drivers. Just to make sure I also configured my WIFI's TCP/IP to a static one and it stays on.