Weekly Digest 6/16/17

Weekly Digest 6/16/17

So what did you guys think of E3 this year? Some pretty decent reveals. I'm most excited for Anthem. That game was nowhere on my radar, and boom, it's now my must have game. It was also pretty neat to see a teaser for a new Beyond Good and Evil.  Of course, the biggest news, was the surprise that Ark will actually leave Early-Access. Something no one ever thought would happen. 

Some quick updates from around the site. We finally fixed the ARP issues. So for everyone that was complaining about crazy delays in ARP, that has all been resolved. All ARP is caught up and should remain caught up. Of course, I said this last time. So I may not be the best person to trust on this subject.  

Anyway, on with this week's news.


Shock and disbelief Ark: Survival Evolved leaving Early Access


Valve bulk-approved many of the 3,400 games still in Greenlight

The final push to get rid of Greenlight. Rest in peace you strange experiment. 


XCOM 2’s next DLC is so big it almost became XCOM 3

XCOM 2 was so good too.  This is a must buy for me.  


Monster Hunter: World confirmed for PC

Finally, I can try this game that no one can shut up about.  


Call of Duty: WW2 E3 Multiplayer reveal trailer

Looks like COD in WW2.  Go figure.  


Destiny 2 is set to release for PC this October

Thank the lord.  However, now im at a crossroads between this and Anthem.  Who will win out?


BioWare's Anthem combines Titanfall, Mass Effect and Star Wars into one game

Here's that Anthem game I keep talking about.


Devolver Digital had the most honest and craziest E3 "conference" - ever

This was hilarious and pretty accurate.  


Assassin’s Creed: Origins – First gameplay shown running in 4K on Xbox One X!

A lot of new mechanics on this one.  Of course, I have played all the other ones, so I doubt I'll stop now.  


Prepare yourself for a bunch of gameplay from Battlefront 2 that "meets our desires"

The first one really missed the mark, but they have been nothing but adamant about getting this one right.  Plus it's got singleplayer where you play on the Empire's side.  That's pretty cool.  


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night E3 trailer showcases a new map and improved gameplay

Nice! (Inside forum joke)




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Personally, I think that the Microsoft conference was the best. Sony was a bit incosistent but the Moster Hunter exclusive can carry their business. On the Nintendo side, I'm waiting for the Kingdom Hearts 3 release but we can wait many years so we can still play with the "Mario" brand. 


It's happening! Weekly digest for me like weekly newspaper! №1 Alienware Arena Team!

Fallen' hero will rise again!


Great news for this week. I was waiting for something more impressive from E3 but that's ok.
Thank you very much AlienWare community to keep us updated. :)


thx the news.good.


Its about time if I'm honest, hopefully they'll work on mass optimization and bug fixes for the remaining time in order to increase their reviews as currently the game is really demanding, but overall I like it :D


Nice news, i love MH

macaron 228

good news


Not sure how I feel about the steam bulk approval, seems like many devs got a free pass


Looking forward to the new XCOM DLC.


Thanks for your news.

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