AC Origins wants you to figure out how capable are you handling weapons in ancient Egypt

AC Origins wants you to figure out how capable are you handling weapons in ancient Egypt

For the first time in the history of the Assassin's Creed series, players will have the ability to assess themselves how skillful they are to master the various adversities that will experience in ancient Egypt. In other words, difficulty settings in Assassin's Creed Origins we'll set on our own, and they can vary from a carefree exploration of the game's world to testing how many times we can throw a controller or mouse of the wall before it breaks down.

"Some people play the game because of the historical context, some play for the story, some play for gameplay; and that what we felt when we digged deeper into the challenging gameplay game is that we feed only one part of the audience, but not the other. So this was a natural step for us", Ismail explained, adding that we can change the difficulty of the game whenever we want.

Namely, this dynamic transition between easy, normal and hard setting is where you do not get stuck in an insurmountable wall. For example, if you run onto a boss that is too hard recommends to you not to lie to yourself that you can beat him on hard but satisfy yourselves with some easier approach before you end up in the crazy house.

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Cool! Can't wait!


I didn't even realize there wasn't an option to set the difficulty in the previous Assassin's Creed titles. I wonder if there's a noticeable change in difficulty between the normal and hard settings.


This is pretty neat. Change difficult on the go, i don't see much game did that.


Well, so it will be much more interesting to play)




I've been a fan of the series since AC2. Looking forward to play this one.


As I understand the settings, adapt to the player.


That sounds great, being able to do things at the difficulty that you enjoy is how it should be.


maneiro hein! to louco pra jogar essa parada

... a guy who don't want to save the world.


I love games about parkour)




Neat, the onthego diff sounds interesting

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Difficulty settings in AC Origins you will choose on your own because Director Ismail wants you to enjoy ancient Egypt regardless of whether you want to explore it or have bloody battles.

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