Automotive company AM General will sue Activision because of Call of Duty

Automotive company AM General will sue Activision because of Call of Duty

Every success has its own burden, and for the publishing house Activision that would be in the case of the Call of Duty a court dispute with the US AM Vehicle manufacturer AM General LLC. Namely, the company in question this week filed a notice that Activision without licence used one of their brands to sell Call of Duty toys and other content.

Disputed vehicle is a well known Humvee or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, which is common occurrence whenever you see an American army. And it has been a common occurrence in the Call of Duty series for the past ten years since it has moved to modern and later futuristic warfare. There the vehicle was presented under the name HMMWV.

AM General claims that Activision has deceived customers of the Call of Duty content by causing them to think that Humvee is officially licensed and that AM General has some connection with the production of games. The lawsuit also states that Humvee vehicles are one of the key segments for which Call of Duty is so popular.

From Activision is seeking financial compensation and court fees as they allegedly have not sounded about this after a longstanding controversy. If anything, we can be happy they do not seek the termination of the CoD series, given how much the arguments for the lawsuit are stretched.

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Wow hard news for both enterprises oO :/

krakxx is back!


Money is not enough for everyone


The Humvee has been in Call of Duty for a while, I wonder why they're suing now


Tatun said:

The Humvee has been in Call of Duty for a while, I wonder why they're suing now

I guess because Activision is selling toys of that vehicle


COD Developers have to improve gameplay. The Modern Warfare title was the best/


We will watch what's going to end.


Its a game! Who cares about licence in virtual world. Example,we cant take tree and put in game,because mother nature will sue us!


Lol, that Activision...




what a joke 

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A well-known military vehicle manufacturer known as Humvee claims that Activision did not have the rights to use this vehicle in the Call of Duty games.

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