Failed Kickstarters

Failed Kickstarters

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Has anyone back a Kickstarter that failed?

I have 2 that I know of

The Mandate


Grifta gamepad

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I've been so hesitant to back a Kickstarter for this exact reason, or for extreme delays in delivery... However I've been really tempted, and have seen them go to market!

Sorry to hear that you're out some cash!

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What do you count as failed?

* Failed to reach asked amount?
* Failed to deliver the product?
* Or delivered the product but failed commercially?


in my case they failed to deliver the product on both counts


As for me I have I backed some kickstarters. Most of them did successfully. I have two kickstarters that pretty much failed. One of them is the infamous Mighty No 9. And the other one is the more infamous Project Phoenix


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There is always the risk that a kickstarter will fail for any number of reasons. Sometimes the cause is theft by a dishonest person. Other times, the well intentioned managers of the project incorrectly predict the time energy and resources required to complete the project. Life events can transpire such as death.  Its amazing to me how many projects on KickStarter succeed despite all of these roadblocks.

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I only backed about two kickstarter projects, and those two projected good results.


Too much fails
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