Today is my Birthday (Single player psychological horror game)

Today is my Birthday (Single player psychological horror game)

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(I love what I've seen of this game, very good graphics and sounds....produces a lot of tension and fear)


Today is my Birthday puts you in the shoes of Thomas Wilkes; a photographer from the big city who sets out to investigate a seemingly abandoned circus called Wonder Park.

Upon arrival, you find yourself in a place of sickness and despair, with a dark corruption spanning decades. Inspired by the films that spawned the horror genre, Today is my Birthday plunges players into an engrossing experience that aims to capture what first made the genre popular.

Today is my Birthday begins with Thomas; a drunk, depressed inner-city photographer, as he arrives at Wonder Park - a place from his childhood, filled with memories, laughter and joy. Thomas soon comes to realize that the theme park he once knew to be paradise has since become hell on Earth.

We're putting a lot of time into characters and story development two crucial elements of storytelling, and the horror genre. Watch the story evolve as Thomas uncovers the truth about what happened to Wonder Park and gets a news scoop that is to die for.

We are a set of developers who are determined to bring you a survival-horror experience that will chill you to the bone in an immersive universe of our creation.Today Is My Birthday takes inspiration from classic horror movies and games, but brings a surprise to the party - the ability to turn the tables on your assailants when the time is right - just like the movies. At Wonder Games, we wanted to freshen up horror elements by letting player take their fate into their own hands


If you want to survive the relentless killers and other horrors of Wonder Park, your legs are going to be your first line of defense. It's up to you to outrun your assailant, or into the jaws of a new threat!
                                                GIF:Moments from the game "Wait for it to load"
In Wonder Park, nobody can hear you scream...In Wonder Park, nobody can hear you scream...


Watch out! Wilkes will face a variety of enemies, some of which are faster than others. Luckily for you, there are places scattered around the park where you can seek temporary refuge - until they find you.
                                                GIF:Moments from the game "Wait for it to load"
The killer can't see you in the shadows after his eyes adjust to the camera's flash.The killer can't see you in the shadows after his eyes adjust to the camera's flash.

Stay smart...

Whilst running and hiding can only get you so far, Wilkes can turn the tables on his assailants. Putting you straight into a scene from the movies, Wilkes is not an action hero and can make use of weapons to survive - but he must keep his wits about him because, weapons and ammo are scarce, and each foe has its own weakness.
                                               GIF:Moments from the game "Wait for it to load"
Should you run, or spend precious seconds searching for weapons with limited ammo?Should you run, or spend precious seconds searching for weapons with limited ammo?

Document it all...

Being a photographer, Thomas Wilkes can use his camera for more than just a scoop of his misadventure! If you find yourself being hunted down by certain enemies, the flash on your camera is enough to stun them temporarily.
                                                  GIF:Moments from the game "Wait for it to load"
Thomas' photography skills not only document the events at Wonder Park, but also come in handy by stopping enemies in their tracks.Thomas' photography skills not only document the events at Wonder Park, but also come in handy by stopping enemies in their tracks.
Terrifying gameplay wouldn't be complete without a spine-chilling score. Have a listen to a sneak peak of the soundtrack below:

Have a look at a few screenshots from the game below:

 A killer lurks within Wonder Park, housing a host of dark secrets.

Upon entering Wonder Park, Thomas Wilkes finds himself to be the main attraction for the killer's entertainment...

There's only one way out of the Killer's playground - an elevator. Backers who receive the demo will be challenged to make it here alive for their first taste of the game.

  Will you find something worthy of a photograph in the killer's room, or become another decoration for the walls? Backers can become photos on the killer's wall, which he uses to remind himself of his gruesome deeds.

 Move quickly lest you become a meal for the rats and cockroaches that keep previous victims company. In the darkest crevices of the killer's home, you may find evidence that makes it all worthwhile.

                                                                      MAIN GOAL 

Our goal is to make the game a new and different experience to the horror genre, while staying true to elements that made the movies and games so powerful. Having a smaller team means that we are able to stay agile and work on as several aspects of the game until they feel just right. However, to make Today is my Birthday the best game that it can be, we'll need to be able to pay the developers enough so that they can make the game their first priority. Our main goal will get the game out in a complete form, however, we've made sure to set this goal realistically so that the game will get out in a fair amount of time, but we can expand the scope of the game and make it even better with more funding. Our stretch goals allow the developers to be paid to work on the game for longer, and to hire additional specialists so that the game can reach the full potential that we imaged for it before costs came into the picture. Please look at our modest stretch goals below.

                                                              MOCAP ANIMATIONS

Motion capture animations are very big in the AAA games and movie industry, and we'll be able to turn most of the animations into realistic movie-quality animations done by real people. This will help inject a lot of personality and realism into the game.  


Our next goal is to allow multi-language support, so that the game can be enjoyed by a larger audience

                                                                MORE SIDE STORIES

This will give us the funds to spend time after completing the main game to add more interesting quests which allow us to explore creative and interesting scenarios that aren't part of the main story.

                                                                     MARY STORIES

The final stretch goal will be for free DLC released after the initial game - Mary's Stories. These stories detail an additional quest that explore the lore and backstory of Mary - the killer's favorite victim. It's up to you to find out how she got there, and how to get her out.

Please have a look below at the rewards that we can offer backers for helping us make our game a reality.

                                                                 ULTIMATE HORROR  

 At our final stretch goal, funds will allow us to craft the Ultimate Horror experience, which will include more hand-crafted areas in the theme park to explore and numerous new enemies within those areas. We will also have the funds to populate the world with more quests which will influence the game's several endings.

 The Visitor tier will get you the game demo. Thanks so much for helping back this project, and we'll see you in the Discord channel to hear what you think of the game so far! We'll also include an email thanking you for your patronage!

 With the Witness tier, you'll get all the previous rewards, plus the full game upon release.

 Go beyond the game demo and play the alpha build of the game! The Missing Person tier includes everything in the previous tiers as well as the alpha build, which contains more content and allows backers to give feedback of the game's current and future stages of development

 The Special Guest tier not only includes everything in the previous tiers, but also includes a second game key. Share the experience with a friend at a lower price!

 The V.I.P. tier generously includes three game keys, and two alpha passes, as well as the bone-chilling soundtrack of the alpha release. Backers of this tier get everything from the previous tier, plus their name in the credits as a generous backer. Talk about V.I.P. treatment!

 The Birthday Boy tier includes all of the previous perks, as well as the digital art in the alpha release. What's more is that backers of this tier get to design a special game object for the game's full release! Happy birthday to you! You will also receive a special lvl 80 name in the credits!

 The Cake Backer tier includes everything in the previous release including three full games by the time of release and three alpha release keys! You also get to design not one, but two objects for the full game release, a hidden secret within the game of your design, and your photo on the list of missing people in the killer's lair! This tier also includes beta tester access, which is one step further than the alpha release, and allows you to give feedback to the developers about the final features of the game before the game releases. You will also receive a special lvl 90 name in the credits!

 The Story Participant tier allows you to have a special phone call in the game as a missing person! Will it be an eerie cryptic message, or a final message of one of the killer's victims? You will also receive a special lvl 100 name in the credits.

 Wow! The Partner tier includes the previous tiers, but you will also design a fully-modeled character for the release of the full game. Will you put yourself or a loved one in, or a mysterious stranger? It's up to you, and you'll receive updates on its creation. Thanks for your generosity and we'll see your creation in the game!

Our stretch goals are solely for raising the quality of the game and extending the story and game content. All extra funds will go into spending as much time and effort on Today is my Birthday, which we will constantly update the community about through Facebook, Twitter, and Discord as we complete the game.


                                                                       Our Web Site

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for your time in checking out our game. If you cannot donate and would like to see this project funded, please copy the link to this kickstarter page and share it on Facebook, Discord, Twitter, or show a friend who has a passion for horror games that runs as deep as ours at Wonder Games.

Why Kickstarter ?

As an independent game studio, it's tough to find the balance between pleasing the crowd and keeping an eye on the funds we have available. 

Kickstarter allows opens our project up to a wider community who can not only give us their opinions on the game but also contribute to the budget - we're killing two clowns with one stone! Up until this point, Today is my Birthday has been funded by Wonder Games, but for it to reach its full potential, we're asking for your help. Crowdfunding is the only way we will be able to afford more complex coding, better graphics, and a larger campaign to make Today is my Birthday the best experience that it possibly can, as if it's skipping the big screen and headed straight to your PC. With your help, we can make this game up to and beyond backers' standards with constant support and feedback to make sure the final product is something that reflects players' true desires from this genre. Please support us in making this game go down in history as one of the best horror classics of our generation.


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Looks nice. Great job.


At first glance, very nice, I like it




I have seen this when the campaign was ongoing, but didn't have the opportunity to back it since there was actually a very low backers that have pledging it infortunately, even if when I saw it, I actually loves the concept and the game itself, but maybe they asked too much & people don't get really hyped. :/


neat! pity it didn't get the funds it neede though

but thats what happens with kickstarters... can't really trust since there is no way to make sure they don't steal your moneys if you do shell out some their way.



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