Shenmue Full Remake Plans Revealed, Scrapped Before HD Remasters

Shenmue Full Remake Plans Revealed, Scrapped Before HD Remasters

Sega re-released Shenmue I & II HD back in August, but according to a new video published by Digital Foundry, it seems that there were initial plans to fully remaster both games. The idea was scrapped in late 2017, at which point developer d3t pushed forward working on the release that fans of the original franchise have now.

When Sega brought d3t on to bring the original Shenmue games to modern machines, the plan at first was to give the games more modern graphics. Improved lighting, complex texture geometry, better shadow maps, and even ambient occlusion were all on the table. The footage, which you can see below, is a step up from the release version. The foliage, in particular, is a marked improvement.


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they need to remake it, the graphic is so out dated, and the UI is just uncomfortable to look at.


Would love to see a high quality remaster.





My whole story is straight mythical. It's tangible, but it's also what life could be.






rly nice

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Before the Shenmue I & II HD release came out the way we have it today, Sega and d3t had initial plans to fully remaster the games.

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