Valve’s SteamPlay Whitelist Now Has 39 New Games

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Today, Valve has expanded their SteamPlay whitelist for 39 new titles on Steam, as first reported by GamingonLinux. What does this mean? It means that these are titles that should be easily playable on Linux without fiddling with anything. They should just work like they would on Windows, which is great for those that would like less reasons to use Windows.

So far, Valve has over 3000 titles on Steam that have some kind of Linux support. Valve has stated that more titles are being added every day, with some batches of games including SteamPlay support.


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Отличная новость для поддержки игроков на Linux!

Shame those games come just as buggy as they were on the windows version

This is great.  Even if someone doesn't plan on using some flavor of Linux it is nice to see some competition for Microsoft in the PC gaming OS space.