System Shock remake video shows misty halls and cavernous factories

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After a rough last spring and a closed alpha last fall, Nightdive Studios has released a preview video of some final environment art for its upcoming remake of classic immersive sim System Shock. The video is a couple minutes of a hammer-wielding protagonist wandering through lonely, uninhabited space station corridors. It’s atmospheric and quite lovely. The mist-shrouded machinery and hallways are beautifully lit, and I can’t help but be taken in by the cavernous industrial spaces composed of exposed piping and blinking red lights. 

System Shock: Final Art KS Preview - Nightdive Studios

After its brief hiatus last year, the System Shock remake is back in full swing. In the past months developers have shown off lots of environmental and enemy art in updates on the Kickstarter page, culminating in a preview of these new textures and environment models. Compared to last year’s alpha preview these look much improved. The alpha preview was textured using assets from the original System Shock, which, at 25 years old, is starting to get pretty ripe. (Though there’s a from-the-source-code enhanced edition of that one.) They’ve also showed off some enemy models, and a preview coming soon is supposed to be a video showing off combat.

You can see System Shock on Steam or follow its development on Kickstarter, or at Nightdive’s Website. 

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The new textures and atmospheric conditions do look good. I also like the lighting in the video. Nicely improved. The red lights go very well with the fog/haze. Looking good.

Very well.

Помню где-то год назад была демка ремейка System Shock и она вызвала только положительные эммоции, похоже разработчики движутся в правильном направлении.