More specific details about Cyberpunk 2077

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According to the DSOG (Dark Side of Gaming) portal, CD Studio Projekt RED presented a presentation demo of Cyberpunk 2077 to some Polish media. In this connection, new details of the project have become known:

Examples of diversity in the dialogues:

V talks to Placide and an assistant enters the room with a message. If the player looks towards the assistant, then new answers will appear in the dialogue with Placide, which, according to the developers, may affect further conversation with Placide.

If V’s “Child from the streets” is taken from V at the start, then during Placide’s attempt to connect the hero to the network to monitor him during the mission, interruption of this action will be possible, since “... the child from the street knows how gangs work”.

1) The player will be able to buy items from merchants, some of which will offer discounts and unique offers such as T-shirts, sneakers, jackets for a limited time ...
2) V will be able to buy programs, for example, "turning off the cybernetic eyes" and "blocking the cybernetic character."
3) As part of the software hacking program, the player can not only learn how to open the doors, but also control the cameras and turrets + "much more."
4) During the hacking the player will play mini-games, and depending on the type of hacking, the type of the mini-game will also change.
5) Bots can also crack at a distance.
6) Most of the improvements will be available only from a specialist, however, some of the "upgrades" can be installed personally. For example, when using the "praying mantis blades", the player will be able to inflict poison on the blades.
7) Skills can be improved by visiting a trainer or installing the necessary implant.
8) Reputation affects the quality of purchased components for crafting and the rarity / quality of goods from sellers.
9) The way of demonstrating damage has changed in comparison with the 2018 presentation. The numbers are still there, but they are much smaller, plus a special animation has been added.
10) The weight of the inventory is limited.
11) After V uses the bottle to smash it against the opponent's head, he can still use a splinter (Rosette) to injure the enemy.
12) You can combine skills, such as slowing down time and hacking. So, during the demonstration, time was slowed down in order to be able to hack the "Animal" (a member of the Animals faction) that attacked V.
13) In the demo the highest level of the NPC, which was noticed - the 45th.
14) In addition to the main plot and side missions in the city there will be various events in which V can interfere.
15) Initially, quests will not properly identify key targets on the map, but the player will be able to implant a chip that will highlight the objectives of the missions.
16) NPC modifications and improvements will differ depending on the status in the society (wealth, religious affiliation).
17) The player will not be able to get "Cyberpsychosis", but 100% will see its consequences within the plot.
18) Regarding possible scandals on the basis of religions, the developers say that "... we will not avoid any of those, even if they can offend the sensitivity of some. We are not here to say what is good and what is bad."
19) How we are perceived by others is determined by the type of voice, not appearance.

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