Overstep Exclusive Early Access Release Skin Key Giveaway

Celebrate the early access release of Overstep!

Alienware Arena members can claim an exclusive skin to help them stand out from the crowd, this skin won’t be available forever.

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About Overstep:
Overstep is a fast-paced, free-running, deathmatch-based game with a twist! Players earn ‘Heat’ for impressing the crowd with cool combinations and crazy kills, making showing off an essential part of winning. Once the player has filled their Heat Bar they will earn a point. The most points wins the game!

The game will also feature unprecedented levels of customisation on the player's equipment, animations, and their Overbot (coming soon). Over the next few months, Overstep will be continually updated to add new levels, a career mode, a league system, tournaments, crafting, and specific abilities made for team play. We have even bigger plans going into summer next year!

Overstep is free-to-play and will be launching first on Steam, with console versions to follow. For more information, please visit https://overstepgame.com and also sign up to our Discord for more giveaways and information. The Discord link can be found on our website