Warhammer Chaos & Conquest: Skullhunter Warlord Starter Bundle Key Giveaway

Spread Chaos across the Old World! 

Claim your Skullhunter Warlord Starter Bundle and conquer the Empire of Man! Your bundle includes:

  • Level 11 Skullhunter
  • 5 Advanced Teleport
  • 30 Rare Soul Fragment
  • 250 Warlord XP Token
  • 200k Iron
  • 500k Food, Stone, Lead, and Wood
  • 7 Day Second Build Queue and Second Study Queue
  • 10 15 minute speedup
  • 20 1 hour speedup
  • 4 Large Invigorating Draft
  • Prestige (30d)

About Warhammer Chaos & Conquest:
Set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest is real-time massively multiplayer strategy game where players compete for the resources of the Old World and battle for control of the Old World.