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WOT Black market

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What will you take and what you shoudn't take?

Last year I got caernx , t34b and deathstar but I still haven't managed to get all the tech tree I sold back. I'd like to get another tier 8 prem but I'm not sure if it's worth selling out everything again.

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ministersmrti said:

do you have a leaked list if you ask what will we take?


Still yet Lansen C and Amx 1357 GF. Nothing extra for me. Maybe coming better tank. Gl.

I saw people on NA got Chryshler for like 3,5 mil. On EU it was over 4 mil .

There have been some leaked lists but nothing was proven to be correct  on those. My question was more like if there's T34B will you take it or if there's Defender for 20 mil creds would you take it and so on.Nothing but discussion based on assumptions.

I need higher level so i dont know how so i write u here i love wot but yes .

If i have a lot of credits i willl buy it cause its like free but that time u gride it like 50 hrs min.

Hey guys.
So i have a question
I dont have much  money and i really dont like spending it in videogames.
Thing is, I really enjoy WoT but the ammount of credtis needed for ammo and new tanks is ridiculous.
So, since I can't really buy premium constantly, I was thinking of buying a premium tank , cause i've heard they are able to generate a lot of credits per battle.
What would you recommned rengarding this subject?

I buy arty 5 tier morning for 300 gold, and this is all. I will to wait for extra order ... i have 25 mega kredits for it and 149 000 gold. :).