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What do you think about upcoming WOT update 2.0

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What do you think about the upcoming WOT update 2.0?

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They couldn't have made it any worse.

The new rebalance, as they call it, is not a rebalance at all, just changing numbers.

Changed the hp, but changed the alpha dmg as well, didn't make tanks any more survivable at all.

Removing lots of low tiers achieved nothing.

For example, right now you can research 4 tanks from the Tiger P, the Tiger 1, VK 100.01P, VK 45.02A and the Ferdinand. So that's 4 lines you can split into from tier 7. 

From the new tech tree, you'll have to play 3 tier 5s, 3 tier 6s, 3 tier 7s and only then you will split into another tier 8. Didn't make it easier at all.

And claiming that people get lost in the current arrows and stuff, well that's just incompetent design of the tech tree, or a certain player's incompetence to follow the line.


In my opinion very bad, WG should focus generally on balance tanks f.e amx cdc or T110E5 and of corse HE shells. Removing that amount of tanks is stupidity and this excuse  "we want to make game easier for new players XD" 

I haven't had a chance to go through it all yet but I'm trying to stay open minded about the idea

When wg says "we need your feedback" i wonder if they really care

But in general hope they rework the game to make less time consuming,  especially the compain missions


venoxz1 said:

i didn't try sandbox server yet :p

Don't, it's even worse than test servers.
Everyone playing arty that does 800 dmg now, completely countering the hp buffs. They didn't rebalance the tanks, they just proportionally increased the competing numbers, aka alpha dmg and hp. Basically they bumped them up by 30% roughly