Planet Bounce Warships DLC Pack Key Giveaway

Unlock the never before seen Haidran Runner, Dread Streak and Saw Ship!

Only in this exclusive DLC gain access to three powerful warships with which you can wreak havoc upon the galaxy. 

  • The Haidran Runner - A powerful predator crafted in the remote parts of the galaxy. This ship will easily take the place as the flagship of your alliance. Capable in long range engagement, blockade running and battle it is versatile and deadly. This ship shoots explosive projectiles which detonate mid air in an array of destruction. 
  • The Dread Streak - The Dread Streak has incredible speed which makes it hard to catch and even harder to hit. This ship has the reputation of the fastest ship in the galaxy and it has been known to destroyed enemy strongholds single-handedly. Its power and unique maneuverability is more than often the key to victory. 
  • The Saw Ship - The Saw Ship substitutes a normal cannon for a massive saw blade which carves enemy ships into pieces. When you activate the saw, the ship slows down and begins destroying everything within its reach. This battleship is more like a beast than a space craft and it has been known to destroy entire worlds.

About Planet Bounce:
Planet Bounce is an action packed arcade-style space game. Navigate solar systems, fire unique weapons, unlock powerful new ships in your quest to conquer the galaxy.