ESO 6 Year Anniversary

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Haven’t played this in a while, but apparently the Elder Scrolls Online gets a 6 year anniversary event. The steam article sets April 2 as start date for the event and ends on April 14.

In this time frame players can earn xp boosts and gift boxes. Players have to complete Chef Donolon’s quest and will receive a 2020 cake memento. After which they can eat slices of cake for a two hour xp boost. Possibly indefinitely for the entire duration of the event.

Every daily quests that’s completed in this event will reward a gift box. These include the following rewards:

“Crafting Materials
 Motif Pages for assorted crafting styles
 Furniture Recipes
 Outfit Style pages for one of the “Five Companions” 
 Worm Cult Motif pages
 NEW Outfit Style pages for the Jephrine Paladin weapon or armor style
 Transmutation Crystals”

If you guys are interrested you can read further on steam:  here

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