Civilization VI is now FREE!

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Hands down, one of the most entertaining strategy games out there is Sid Meier’s Civilization VI. And now through May 28th at 9 am you can get it for free and begin your civilizations journey through time.

In Civilization VI you play as a cast of historic world leaders as you build a civilization from the ancient era all the way to the space age. Civilization is a turn-based game that is widely credited with the creation of “One More Turn” Syndrome, the desire to just play one more turn… every turn. A fun fact is that it almost was not turn-based, explained in this video:

You progress through the game manipulating the world around you through politics, economics, and of course war. One of my favorite things to do in the game is to grab up land next to my political opponents, infuriating them. Eventually they get annoyed enough to declare war on me, which turns them into a warmonger that the other civilizations will dislike and team up against.

One feature that I find particularly well-polished even though it has no effect on gameplay is the storytelling. There is no plotline to civilization, but there are a lot of predefined events like discovering Mt. Everest, or your first steam engine. All these events come with a quote or artistic description that is read out by Sean Bean. It is a great little detail that lets you forget that you are making cold strategic decisions and allows you to fall into the role-playing of becoming the expansive Roman Empire, the cultural powerhouse of the Greeks, or whatever other civilization you have decided to build.

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