Heavy Metal Machines Full Metal Judge Pack Key Giveaway

Unlock the Ultimate Full Metal Judge Pack Today!

The Full Metal Judge machine pack awaits you... Claim your key and unlock:

  • Machine - Full Metal Judge: This is a Transporter character, specialized on transporting the bomb and resisting attacks from enemies. He can also switch to an offensive stance and deal high amounts of damage. 
  • Skin Model - Full Metal Judgement's "Metal Judgement (Purple)"
  • Start Line Effect - Let's Go
  • Rebuilding Effect - Rocket Incoming!
  • Kill Effect - Sect's Raven
  • 3 Day XP Booster

About Heavy Metal Machines:
Heavy Metal Machines is a free-to-play multiplayer online vehicle combat game, like no other. Join the battle as Transporters, Interceptors and Supports, and team up to fight for the bomb and score a goal on your enemies! Join the competition: be strategic, drive fast, don’t miss your shots and battle for your life through multiple arenas!

Learn more about the game on Steam.