Black Survival: Eternal Return Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Join the Closed Beta Test of Eternal Return: Black Survival on June 24th.

Become a test subject, and challenge yourself in this Battle Royale/MOBA style game.

The game will have its Early Access launch on Steam right after this test, so this is your last chance to get ready!

The closed beta test will be happening from June 24th to July 21st.

  • North America Server time: 6pm ~ 9pm PDT
  • Asia Server time: 6pm ~ 9pm Korean Time 

About Black Survival: Eternal Return:
The closed beta test will introduce new features, like Team mode (Squad and Duo) and Custom Games, and will introduce multiple new characters to play: Isol, Li Dailin, and Yuki.

We’re certain it will be a completely new experience for everyone who has joined the previous Alpha tests and for the new gamer spirits willing to survive this CBT until the end.

Join the Verified Discord to participate in all the events and activities, and win rewards in the game and outside of it.

Join the community of players and alpha testers of BSER here: