How to Conquer Tunnel Vision in League of Legends

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By Mobalytics

Whether it’s a juicy cannon minion or an enemy ADC that’s farming alone, it’s easy to get fixated on one thing in League of Legends. Unfortunately, what looks like a good opportunity can often lead to a fatal mistake if you aren’t paying attention to the information around you. 




Concentrating your focus on that cannon minion may distract you from your low HP and make you vulnerable to an all-in. That isolated ADC may look ripe for the picking but you probably should have noticed that their Mid and Support have been MIA and are actually using the ADC as bait. These cases of tunnel vision are all too common and in this guide, we’ll show you how to prevent them with useful techniques and the help of eye tracking.

Conquer tunnel vision with the new Alienware m17 gaming laptop which includes built-in Tobii eye tracking technology.

What is tunnel vision?

Tunnel vision occurs when you spend an extended period of time fixating your gaze on something. This leads you to missing out on crucial information like where enemies are located on the minimap, your cooldowns, or when the next objective is spawning.



In many cases, the distraction is usually related to something that’s happening in your immediate proximity, such as trying to last hit or land your skillshots. For other players, they may be staring at the minimap or other lanes for too long and miss what’s happening directly in front of them. Regardless of the case, it’s a problem that everyone struggles with, from beginners to pro players competing at the highest level.

How do you prevent tunnel vision?

Just like farming or trading, preventing tunnel vision is a skill that you need to practice and improve over time. To start off, you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times and consistently ward in the right areas. If you have vision around the map, you should have a better idea of where the enemy is and where the enemy may be going.


Here are some ideal warding locations when playing as the blue side Mid laner.


For example, if you know the enemy Jungler is bot side, you could look to fight the enemy in the top lane. If you know the enemy Jungler is near your lane, you should avoid committing to a fight since they can show up and kill you. That being said, good warding placement can only get you so far. You need to be able to actually spot the enemy whenever they show up near a ward for the wards to have value. This is why it’s crucial that you also learn how to consistently check the minimap.




If you aren’t used to doing this, we recommend getting into a routine to build up your mental muscle memory and to help you avoid looking at the minimap for too long. There aren’t any “bad times” to check the minimap per se, besides perhaps when you’re in the heat of combat, but some times are definitely better than others. For example, some good times to take a look at the minimap are when you’re walking back to lane from the shop, when you’re rotating around the map, and after every last hit. By forcing yourself to take a quick glance at the map during these instances, you’ll eventually do it by second nature and naturally reduce your tunnel vision over time. After you get used to checking your minimap, use similar routines to mix in looking at your scoreboard with Tab and checking in on objective timers. 

How using an eye tracker accelerates your improvement

It’s easy enough to understand tunnel vision as a concept, but it’s difficult to perceive when and how often you’re doing it while you’re trying to win your match. Even if it’s in the back of your mind, you’re still susceptible to bias and may lean toward thinking that you’re doing it more or less than you actually are. This is where using a Tobii eye tracker in combination with Mobalytics comes in handy!





By using an eye tracker while you play, you’ll be able to objectively collect data related to your gaze and tunnel vision habits. Your data is then analyzed and broken down into detailed metric scores. In the image below, you can see that the player, on average, has tunnel vision every 432 seconds (indicated by Tunnel Frequency). When they do tunnel vision, it tends to last for over four seconds on average (indicated by Tunnel Duration).




This data-driven information is incredibly useful and is nearly impossible to measure without using eye tracking technology. Since winning a team fight can come down to split-second decisions in League of Legends, four seconds of tunnel vision is an eternity. Shaving off just a bit of that time can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Over time, you can use these metrics to improve your skills and gradually decrease your tunnel vision frequency and duration. In the long run, you’ll die less, make better decisions, win more games, and climb faster as a result.

How to get an eye tracker

Ready to improve your tunnel vision and other League of Legends skills by using an eye tracker? You have a few options. If you’re looking for a new laptop, we recommend getting the new Alienware m17 gaming laptop that comes with a built-in Tobii eye tracker. Already have a gaming PC? You can get your eye tracker peripheral from Tobii Gaming. Lastly, if you already have an eye tracker and just need to get set up, check out this guide!


Thanks for reading, we hope that you found this guide helpful. Keep a lookout for our upcoming guide on map awareness!



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I have played League of Legends since 2010 and many hours a day are needed to do this. and the view of the map depends on what enemies you have because if you have a Kayn, Rek Sai, Graves, Nidalee, Bard, Pyke , Talon you must change the location of the rooms because they can pass from one side of the wall to the other side to place the wards