The Magister Beta Key Giveaway

A murder mystery

About The Magister: The Magister is a deck-building murder-mystery RPG. Use expertly honed skills to piece together clues and bring the perpetrator to justice. Featuring an innovative card-based encounters system, you can fight with weapons and magic or settle disputes peacefully using ‘Tactical Diplomacy’.

  • Infinitely replayable murder mystery: Find clues and identify suspects in a randomly generated murder mystery where the events, clues, and murderer are different every playthrough.
  • Tactical card-based encounters system: Master a diverse range of decks with a vast array of cards to fight foes in tactical battles, or seek a peaceful outcome in ‘Tactical Diplomacy’ mode.
  • Choose your Magister: Different Magisters come with their own specialties and flaws. From cunning alcoholic to intelligent insomniac – every variation defines a different adventure
  • Explore a captivating fantasy world: You have 14 days to wander Silverhurst and befriend or intimidate its inhabitants as you race against time to unmask the murderer.

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