Minion Masters Empyrean Army Booster Pack Key Giveaway

Prepare for the arrival of Dawn Marshall Valorian with this Empyrean Army Booster Pack ($16 USD Value). 

Gain access to some powerful cards that will enhance Valorian’s power and improve your deckbuilding. Your key will unlock:

  • 1 Legendary High Inquisitor Ardera Card
  • 1 Supreme Zealots of Burning Fist Card
  • 1 Rare Shielded Crossbow Dudes Card
  • 1 Common Legionnaires Card
  • 5 Tokens

About Minion Masters:
The realm's greatest Masters face off in a never-ending conflict for glory. Will you play Control, Aggressive, Swarm or Giant Minions? Choose a Master matching your playstyle and build the best deck to overthrow your opponents in intense games of 2 to 6 minutes.

Join millions of players worldwide and discover one of the best ever rated F2P on Steam! Minion Masters is an insanely simple, but challenging to master online Strategic & Dynamic game both for competitive and casual players.

Play 1v1 duels or combine decks in 2v2, with full cross-play for Steam, Discord, Xbox, and more to come! Or embark on solo adventures through the different ages and conflicts of the continent. Discover the legends of the Crystal Elves, Empyreans, Zen-chi, and more!