Red Dead Online releases Halloween Pass

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Red Dead Online is the latest game to get in on the Halloween season by releasing the limited time Halloween Pass.  The Halloween Pass is a purchasable, limited-time upgrade stacked with macabre rewards across 20 ranks, available through November 16th. Purchasing the pass gives players access to:

  • Unique and seasonal personal effects
  • A full Gothic renovation of the Moonshine Bar
  • Mystical variations of full weapons
  • Brand new Rewards and Offers
  • Filters for your Advanced Camera with added effects

Full pass details, including photos of all included items, can be found here:

While gamers always love a good celebration and plenty of games get in on the fun by releasing limited-time events around big holidays, Red Dead Online's decision to charge for the pass might be a little controversial.  It's not unprecedented, other games charge for seasonal skins and cosmetics, but gamers might have preferred a free update with the option to purchase.

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i think i'll give this game a shot again, bought it on PS4 when it came out, anyone else? :)