Cyberpunk Radio and Livestream

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We're all counting down the seconds until Cyberpunk 2077 finally releases and honestly I just can't wait.

There might be a little unknown fact about me, which I honestly have never really shared with anyone, but well, we're friends, right?

I like to make playlists, specifically around games, and if I'm working/writing. I haven't honestly made one in many years, but I couldn't contain my excitement about Cyberpunk that I figured it might be a great time to jump back in. 

I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I enjoyed making it and just maybe if you like it, I can keep making more.


Spotify Playlist URL


Also, I wanted to give you guys a heads up that I will be streaming Cyberpunk 2077 tomorrow (Dec 10th, 2020) Alienware channel at 11AM ET.

Come join me as we jump into the crazy adventure together. I promise - it's going to be kind of crazy.



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