Torqued Up Legends Free Steam Weekend Key Giveaway

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About Torqued Up Legends:
There are some stories that never die, heroes that are never forgotten, known only by the vehicles that are forged by the extraordinary events that made them legends. Vehicles that are consumed in flame from a high stakes police chase gone awry or destroyed in annual catastrophic natural disasters captured on live TV, yet always manage to come back again to continue the legend.

Each time they are remade they are faster, more refined, boasting of new upgrades and hungry for another chance at victory. They find their way to abandoned or vacant tracks where they await an opponent to challenge them, enticing those foolish enough to drive them with promises of fame, glory of immense wealth awaiting them at the finish line. There are no rules for the matches that follow, no spectators other than the swarm of drones that manage to lock onto the location and broadcast the events across a rouge streaming network.