Crowfall Closed Beta Giveaway

Join the battle in Crowfall!

Crows of a feather stick together... equip yourself with a friend by sharing the page link!

Now, is the time to join the battle and rise as an Eternal Hero! Form an alliance to ambush your enemies, or lead an army in massive Throne Wars. Better yet, lead a band of armed mercenaries in guerilla-style raids to acquire valuable resources. You have the power to manipulate the tide of battle by changing your tactics in the final seconds of the fight ---winner takes all in the Throne War.

Rise as an Eternal Hero, mercenary to the Gods!

  • Enter Gods Reach, a dark fantasy world where you will learn what it takes to survive and thrive in this ever-changing world
  • Travel to the Infected World to strengthen your skills in battle as you fight to survive factional battles that never end.
  • Dare to enter the Dregs (intense Guild vs. Guild battles and massive siege campaigns); where choices matter and your survival depends on the choices you make as a Team.
  • Join the battle in Hunger Dome, (a new Throne War battle arena); as 12 teams of 5 Crows each fight in a 30-minute battle for domination - the last team standing wins before the hunger destroys the world!

Join the community & share your feedback:

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