Some Nvidia RTX 3090 gpus are bricking after playing New World Beta

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Some players of the Beta runnning the game on RTX 3090 cards are having huge troubles.

Some reddit users report that their GPUs stopped working after changing graphics quality and hitting save.

It seems like the issue mostly affect EVGA's brand, with the FTW3 variant on top, but Gigabyte cards suffered the same issue too.

Imagine buying a gpu 2500$ and see it fry after playing an mmo beta..

Full story here

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Expensive beta test for some 3090 owners.wink

a video game that breaks pc parts, sounds like a game you would send someone who has pissed you off 

Yeah, or someone you wanna force to go out instead of play video games lol


Imagine Amazon flexing so hard that they're spending half a billion dollars annually on their games division...and STILL being this bad at it.

that's a stupid buy for a gaming gpu anyway, but it mostly affects EVGA, a brand known for making some crappy cards (remenbering the 1080ti fiasco)