World of Tanks Bonus Code Key Giveaway

Take control of steel beasts and battle through historic locations!

World of Tanks Bonus codes will provide players with special challenges. By completing those challenges players will get Holiday-themed in-game content! Complete all challenges to collect all rewards. These items and challenges will only be available for a limited time, so players will need to work quickly before January 10th, 2022!

In addition to Holiday items, players will get:

  • 3 days WoT PA
  • 3 Days Rental KV-122
  • X1 Improved Hardening Class 2
  • X1 Improved Ventilation Class 2
  • X1 Gun Rammer Class 2
  • X6 Emblem  “Emblem 1”

These will expire on July 1, 2022 if not redeemed.

About World of Tanks:

Command over 600 machines from World War II through the mid-20th century in a unique mix of strategy and action! Choose from one of five vehicle types and experience epic PvP battles with millions of other players.