Dead Frontier 2 Survivor Starter Pack Key Giveaway

Old school survival horror awaits in this dark and atmospheric world...

With the Survivor Starter Pack, players will get a fighting edge against foes undead or otherwise.

What you'll get in the Survivor Starter Pack:

  • Survivor's Boomstick (Shotgun)
  • Survivor's Stab Vest
  • 120 x 20 Gauge Shells
  • 1 First Aid Kit
  • 3 Painkillers
  • 2 Orange Juice

Note: This key is valid for new accounts during account setup only.

About Dead Frontier 2:

Dead Frontier 2 is online survival horror at its darkest. As one of the few survivors of the outbreak, you must scratch a living out of the decaying ruins of society. Scavenge for supplies, improve your skills, and trade with other players. All the while, keeping your eyes peeled for the infected lurking around every corner.