Are NFTs and Blockchain really the future of gaming?

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Note: I've hyperlinked relevant articles for those wanting a deeper news dive into recent/current events.

Mention of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), blockchain, and cryptocurrency generally elicit strong opinions and heated discussions in nearly every industry. The gaming community is no exception to this, with many torn, worried, or excited about how NFTs will affect the future of gaming.

Between Ubisoft and Square Enix's excitement around NFTs, compared to the more reticent and even negative reception from Xbox and Steam, it seems there's not a clear consensus amongst gaming industry execs on how to handle NFTs. 

Discourse is also fairy spicy among your average gamer; a quick scroll through Reddit or Twitter is enough to confirm that there's no shortage of hot-takes and opinions on what the best course of action is. Dead by Daylight's Pinhead NFTs were a sore spot for many fansS.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2's NFTs got derailed, and many feel it's only a matter of time before Ubisoft's NFT venture unravels. 

Still, this hasn't deterred further NFT ventures or discussions from happening. The most recent game company to take the hot seat is Konami. In celebration of Castlevania's 35th anniversary, the company has released a set of "memorial" NFTs to auction off. The company has received a lush variance of responses, including some quality memes critiquing the project. 

So, I'm going to ask the community: What are your thoughts on NFTs? Are they a viable avenue for the future of gaming that many are too stubborn to see? Or are they an annoyance that will ultimately be just another way games try and grab more cash from players?

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The Green Surfer
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I just like cold hard cash, anything involving cyber is prone to being hacked

Quest Hunter
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Until companies like Walmart and Amazon accept them, I see all virtual money as worthless.

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If a Corporate "Commander" or a CEO try to tell me that the NFTS and Blockchain are the best thing that can happen to video game instustry since the invention of PONG, then i will be 101% sure that the NFTS and Blockchain are the worst thing that ever ever ever ever can happen to video games.


CEO Fox God Records
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It is a stupid idea for the average gamer. But for rich weirdos with too much money and not a lot of sense, it's perfect. Let the whales swim in the deep dark waters while the rest of us sit on the respawn point and splatter their little NFTs all over the bettlefield.

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NFTs are a scam, you own a receipt not the "image" while also polluting the earth. So I hope I never get to see this type of "currency" scams in videogames, athough knowing EA, they'd be into it. 

(Ethereum has a higher carbon footprint than an entire country with 165 million people)