Deceit Starter Pack Key Giveaway

Lying has never looked so good.

They say you should dress for the job you want. But what about the game you already have? Enter our Starter Pack, which includes a rare outfit for all our playable human characters.

What you get in the Starter Pack:

  • Rare outfit for each human character (or a token if you already own it)
  • 5 Booth Tokens to win additional cosmetics
  • GM Spray (x1)
  • GM Emblem (x1)

Dress up your Deceit experience with the Starter pack today!

About Deceit:

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of Deceit, a game inspired by the party game Werewolf and a variety of classic horror films. The CRYENGINE-powered Deceit drops up to six players into a mysterious contest for survival wherein a third of the party is secretly infected. Using in-game voice chat, items, and clues, the innocents must work together to escape alive while the infected work to sabotage the team, either by force or by seeding doubt and paranoia to turn players against each other. When the lights go out, the infected can transform into vicious terrors and hunt the survivors down. 

Developer World Makers is marking the momentous and blood-splattered occasion with a bevy of free updates, fresh content, and in-game and social media festivities.