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War of Mine all recived by few minutes

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How is that possible ???? Explain to me 

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Man, these kind of giveaways start at night, not the next day. In my case, the giveaway always starts at 07:00 p.m (very early to get a new one at time). So if you are from another continent, you need to stay awake for receive your games from Alienware Arena at time, bc it is clear you will not get a key 12 or 24 hours later.

Ofc, when is about an excellent game, the giveaways don't last an hour, like War or Mine.

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many users known start it giveaway at 12:00 am (UTC+0).

many users can claim at same time almost.


Game Vault and Promotional Calender are at 12:00 am (UTC+0) is standard.

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Some of it is bots/multiple accounts.  (There was no Tier requirement associated with the giveaway, and that's an open invitation for scumbags to grab keys by the fistful.)

Some of it is a lot of determined community members ensuring they were here the instant the giveaway went live so they could (hopefully) get a key before they were gone.  (The site definitely took a hit right at launch, because it was probably a solid minute or so, with three page refreshes, before I was able to access the site.)

Some of it was limited availability.  (I don't know how many keys were available, but I have to imagine it wasn't more than a few thousand.)

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The same problem that has been plaguing this site for more or less a decade now that the admin and staff refuses to both acknowledge and fix. Multiaccount bots double and triple dipping into the key pool. No tier requirements = a joke of a giveaway. AWA just loves burning money in front of people apparently. Every meaningful giveaway they've ever had on this site usually winds up with their servers flooded with bot accounts blocking actual users for minutes or hours at a time. Same lame excuse time and time again from the admin and staff. "Our security on this website is air tight. It's just that it's a popular game is all. No bots here... blah, blah, blah..."

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I will buy the game it's not too expensive but I respect we need more respect for levels and community or this is gonna fast fall apart unfortunately

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Bro if u need it i can give you my TWOM key. I already owned it.