Wigmund Companion Key Giveaway

Two twin brothers. A fellowship of warriors. And only one true King.

Defeat the evil pseudo-king Antiochus as you fight his malefic servants in this open-world fantasy action RPG with a unique, real-time combat game-play.

What Users will receive:

  • (x1) Guardian Angel Arael
    • A companion that heals your character.

About Wigmund

Play as Wigmund, a young warrior tasked with the disinterring of the New Regime's dark secrets. Travel an open world, rich with outlaw camps, ruined castles, dangerous caverns, and forgotten ruins to explore. As in any respectable fantasy story, the dragons will have a special place in the quests. Understanding and following the narrative of the game is crucial for solving these quests. Crafting, fishing, hunting, cooking, talents, professions and many other things are at hand. Learn more at Wigmund's Steam page.