World of Warship Invite/Bonus Code Key Giveaway

Whether you're a new or veteran Captain, shore up your fleet for the fight ahead with shiploads of handy naval supplies! 

All players get: 

  • 2 Stars 'n' Stripes expendable camouflages. 
  • 2 Special Economic Bonuses of each type. 
  • 1 More Signals Container 

Players who are new to World of Warships get additional BONUS items: 

  • 7 days of Warships Premium Account. 
  • 300 Doubloons. 
  • 1,000,000 Credits. 
  • 8 Special economic bonuses of each type. 
  • After playing 15 battles, you will get to choose to keep one of four researchable ships.

About World of Warships:
Amass a fleet of over 600 of history’s most epic warships, customize them, and achieve dominance in large-scale multiplayer battles.