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ARP Boosts are live for US Members

The Sheriff
  • 6539

For loyalty rewards members, ARP boost options are now available to claim in the rewards section.  

After claiming a boost, you can activate it in the My Boosts section in your account settings.  You can only activate one at a time, so choose wisely...


As a note for all the non-US members who are sure to become enraged that they are being excluded, I will reiterate what was mentioned when Arena Rewards launched. We haven't forgotten about you. This program is rolling out small at the start.  Once we have everything worked out, we want to expand to the rest of you.  So continue to level up and when we finally launch in your country, you'll be able to claim all the rewards.  (pro tip: you can claim rewards retroactively)  


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Spiritual beings in physical bodies
  • 5

For now its for the US only .  Others keep  grinding  your points  .  My guess that  next step will be for the EU users as well


  • 3

Even if it's only for the US, i think it's a great step. I'll be waiting :).

Nice work.

  • 4

Good to hear, gonna wait till the credit options go live, are they going to be discount codes or actual credit to apply to our dell account, PC needs a few upgrades.

☭ Russian Bias ☭
  • 3

it seems that only EU users uses this forum)


Tnx 4 your job. We'll be waiting for new updates for EU  users.