Santa Claus can be your new lover in The Sims 4: Seasons

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A life simulation series The Sims over the years has become more and more flexible with whom you can flirt and who you can take to bed. In the first game these interactions were very limited (God knows I tried to flirt with Avril Lavigne in Superstar expansion). In the second, same-sex relationships have already come in, and in the third you can already flirt with vampires and similar myths. Some persistent players even had Grim Reaper for a lover.

With the arrival of the new Seasons expansion for The Sims 4 the last weekend the list of characters available for flirtation has been extended with some other mythical characters. The first is Santa Claus or in the game called Father Winter. Of course, in order to avoid any controversy, this Santa is wearing a blue coat, not a red one.

So if that is your thing, you now know - you can seduce Santa and take him to some new locations where adults do things. Moreover, you can also make a child with him. To make things more interesting, Father Winter's child gets a certain trait.

Things become even more bizarre with another character. Namely, in The Sims 4: Seasons you can now flirt with scarecrow... If you have such needs. Not that we judge.

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