New Features And Changes Coming To Alienware Arena in 2019

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Hi all,

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m Umar Khan - The Alienware Community Engagement Strategist. I am also the Alienware Arena Program Lead in case you haven’t pieced that together from my comms on our video and streaming media. 

I recently came into this role for Alienware Arena and was immediately tasked with finding newer ways to improve the site for you all. Greater activities, greater giveaway opportunities, greater site experience, and more reasons to login and get great things.

Alienware Arena has been around for nearly 10 years and I’ve been working with the Site management team to bring some great new features for you all that we’re going to be rolling out this year. You’re going to be seeing newer activities coming out and a new look to welcome you later in 2019.

Things like the awesome Warframe Giveaway Campaign, Battlefield 5 and Tom Clancy’s Division 2 Experience Pages are just an incredibly small example of all the projects and new activities coming to you all this year.

To get some of these mechanics underway on the backend, you may notice some changes slowly happening. One of those changes is the shut down of the Alienware Arena LATAM domain.  Logging in from those regions will take you straight to our global portal where you can still participate in all our activities and functionalities global members get to enjoy today. This change will go live on 3.15.2019.

We’re really excited for 2019 and really embracing giving you more reasons to visit Alienware Arena.

Let’s keep in contact!

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You can also message me on Discord at AWUmar#4534

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Very good to know...thank you all for this amazing community.

I am waiting that new quests arrive to EU  :$ xD


Thanks for your work!

Looking forward to a partially financeed 6% double reward Alienware. I am holding out for SLI though. We all know that 8k is just around the corner and 2080Ti's do not push 4k resolutions nor HDR pixels @ 144hz, unless a liquid cooled loop is in place. I am a firm believer, that 4k will be buttery smooth, as 8k matures.