A new battle royale revealed, APB RIOT

A new battle royale revealed, APB RIOT

APB RIOT is a new mode coming to APB Reloaded and "will bring a new generation of gameplay" according to Little Orbit and GamersFirst. This might be what the game needs right now and might reinvigorate the player-base. It might even bring back a number of players (the game isn't doing great according to Steam Charts).

There isn't much information on the new game mode, but the announcement on the official page reads:

The war between Enforcers and Criminals has now been raging for years , and unrest among the citizens has reached the breaking point. A new force has come to San Paro to gain control. RedHill Institute of Tech. Drastic measures are needed to tamp down the epic battle that is brewing. Whole blocks are being shut down. In this tug-of-war over control of the city, only one can come out on top. Will it be you?

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I can't wait to play


viktor451 said:

I can't wait to play

Here's hoping they'll add their own spin on the battle royale genre and bring something new to the table with RIOT


Battle royale is getting bored..


It's always the same, something gets trendy and everyone wants to jump on the gravy train xD


Nice ! More battle royale games :D


if its like apb ... il skip it


Converse and be Merry!


Again...Battle Royale )


RB in APB? Lol


APB is one of those games that I've always wanted to try but never found the time...


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There's no release date for the new game mode.

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