Alienware Arena has Changed

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Welcome to the new Alienware Arena! 


If you're a veteran member and reading this for the first time, it may come as a shock. For 10 years, Alienware Arena has had an iconic dark style. Incorporating the same black/blue theme across all generations of the site, this is the first time we have reversed course and flipped the light switch on. A new, brighter look to lead us forward for another 10 years! While we have updated our look, the majority of our offerings have not changed. We are still the #1 destination for giveaways and loyalty rewards.  

Of course, part of modernizing the site also means cutting off some of the fat. We have made some changes to the different features available on the site.  


What's been added? 

28-Day Advent Calendar
The new 28-Day Advent Calendar has replaced Daily Login rewards. The system is based on accrued logins. The more days you login within a month, the farther up the calendar you will go. Some of the best rewards will usually be at the end of the month, so make sure you login every day. The 28-Day will reset every month on the 1st.  Along with standard ARP amount, you can also receive a plethora (love that word) of other rewards, including the exclusive version of the 10th Anniversary Badge. There will be 2 versions, one for this month and another next month. After September, those badges will never be given out again. You can find the Advent Calendar and our User Control Menu (ASI) on the top right.  

What's been retired? 

Say bye-bye to uploading a single image to a single page. The very old school feature has out grown its usefulness. It was a great way to farm ARP by posting copyright images (yeah, I'm talking to you), but beyond that, it didn't bring anything to the site.  We're leaving that 2004 feature in the dust and recommending Google images if you have to get your cosplay fix. Any images uploaded prior will still be on the site, but you'll have a hard time accessing them.  

Another great feature..... 6 years ago. The usefulness of groups has run its course. If you had a group that you were really active in, we apologize. Come join us in the forums, we won't bite.... hard.  

Also gone. You didn't even use it anyway.

What's coming? 

Along with those changes, we have a slew of upcoming features that we hope to roll out over the next couple months. Some of those include:

- Friends improvements and new features
- Easier way to find deals from Dell
- Forums improvements
- and more!

We expect there to be some issues over the next few weeks as we squash bugs and monitor how the site works as everyone has their way with it. If you have any issues, please report them to our bug report list!

And we would love to hear your overall feedback down below. This will be a big change for a lot of people and change can be scary, but we believe that after you give it some time, you'll learn to love again!  


Happy Gaming,
Alienware Arena Team

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The Sheriff
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Special Note: Weekly Quests will return next week!!

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And thus, we will now officially enter in the "Oh what in the holy hell what is this oh god that is there but how to go there wait what is that?" transition period.

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You know Imma call this hideous, right? Like it feels too much and unnecessary. The old site looked like it was stuck in ~2009 but at least everything could be accessed in a glance. This is a whole lot of mess though. I hope it gets back up on its feet quickly enough. Also please return to me the horrible ARP popup menu, it was horrible but I want it back.