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Just like every other year, the development studio SCS Software is going to tour around the world during 2020! Maybe the tour bus is even going to stop at or near your location! If you can think of great truck or game events across the world then you can be sure that SCS Software is going to be there. And what else is nicer to have the opportunity to meet some of the development team or other people from the company at such an event?

The people from the development studio are excited to meet a big chunk of their trucking community. During those events, SCS Software is showing off with their two big titles: Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. On top of that, they will lift a tip of the veil of what is yet to come during 2020. Some of those things are already spoken of in this and this article. 

For now, there are 14 events on the calendar, of which one is not 100% sure yet.

At all these events SCS Software will be attending with their booth and/or Truck Sim. On top of that, there will be SCS Software employees walking randomly in the crowd. They will be recognizable by the ETS2 or ATS T-shirts. The chances are big that you'll get a goodie bag with some nice swag inside. 

Last year SCS Software tried something new. They worked with the so-called roadies. At every event, they wanted to use members from within their community to help them out. Those people must be locals and speak the local language fluently. Preferrable they want to work with people who are well known within the community, like f.e. recognized modders, people who are involved in the beta testing, etc. It speaks for itself that those people get paid for their duties. If you're interested, you can always send an email to the following address.


See you out there, on one of the events!

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