My Journey back into ESO

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Welcome Back

I recently journeyed back into the world of Tamriel with some persuading of some friends. As a day 1 player, back in April 2014, I grinded until I started losing interest and ultimately stopped playing.

My character

Here enters Nova Belle, my first and only character whom her loyalties lie within the Daggerfall Covenant. At first, I was skeptical about the game, based upon entering the loading screen, not much has changed, but boy was I wrong. 

The best guide to get you back into the grind

I used to be a conjurer, summoning flame and lightening atronachs to do my bidding, but after looking at my stats and having almost ALL my skills reset, I could no longer find this ability…I'm beginning to believe I’ve been nerfed off of the face of Tamriel. My once conjurer needed to find a new identity, so Magicka DPS was the route I decided to follow. With no knowledge on current classes or what is considered a “powerful” build, I began my google search until I came across UESP (Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages). This website literally has everything there ever was to know about ESO and Skyrim. How did they document it all, I don’t know, but it’s a great resource for anything you need to know ESO related. Wanting a new pet but can’t afford one? Boom UESP tells you which quests you need to get a free limited-time pet.

As I began revising my character to her new role, she needed to look the part…I removed her helmet only to realize that her hair and facial features were completely botched up. This is not how I left poor Nova Belle all those years ago, but somehow along the way, she had an extreme makeover during one of the many many updates. 

New lands of Tamriel

To allow me to explore all the sights and sounds of Tamriel, an amazing friend of mine gifted me a month of ESO plus. This unlocks all the prior DLC content besides the most current chapter: Greymore. With ESO plus in hand, I was able to travel to lands unseen and experience the humor of many NPCs running up to poor Nova begging for help. 

As I started exploring, I could not help my sighs of awe and seeing all the beautiful new sights Tamriel has to offer. Above all, Summerset was a dream that I wanted to live in forever with its vibrant colors and extreme attention to detail. Do not even get me started on the Warden class and their extremely lethal pet bears who follow their every wish. After 6 years, ESO has changed immensely for the better. It has the old charm that drew me to the game in the first place but have added so much new and exciting content along the way. 

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My wife and I played this one from beta and were subscibers as soon as you could subscribe. I had 10 characters and she had 2.

I loved the game right up until the one tamriel crap. In one update they destroyed the game for us.

The game went from rewarding you for how hard you worked and how much you played to you starting off super powerful and getting weaker as you leveled up.

A newbie first ariving was stronger than my character that had been grinding forever and had all end game gear. This made no sense what so ever. No to mention allowing a new player to go to the end of the game was stupid. We quit after the update.


So glad to hear a returning beta player is really enjoying the game after coming back six years later! I completely agree that there's so much new amazing content to experience and love. Six years later, the game is far more dynamic and interesting than the initial base game.

The game itself has evolved dramatically since release, but that's also the way MMOs go in general. As the player base expands and changes publishers need to react to the needs of the changing landscape of the game. I think overall a lot more choice has been added to the game over the last several years. Personally I like that the world is more open than before because it means creating alternate characters is no longer a repetitive grind and you can completely ignore quests you've done many times before and still progress in a meaningful way. I also feel like its easier for new players to get started. Previously, if you were different levels it meant grind for everyone in order to play together... leveling alts or new players grinding endlessly to try and catch up.

A new player will never be able to complete the tougher dungeons, trials and arenas right out of the gate that long time veteran players enjoy. New players need to put in a lot of time leveling before they can get to that point. If anything, I feel like there's almost the opposite problem in place at times with power creep with the current max level of CP 810, especially when it comes to PvP. Overall, I feel like the changes have been for the better and I think the widespread success of the game speaks to that. I'm glad that the pace of new content hasn't slowed down and to see that players are still returning to the game. :) 

It really is an amazing game that does not get the love and adoration and respect it should. The amount of things you can do is insane, be it PVE, crafting, PVP or stealth assasiinations and thievery. There really is a lot for anybody if you just give it a fair go. Comparing it to Skyrim and living in it's shaddow, does not float anymore. It is a superb game in its own right.

There's been 2 years since I started playing this game and I still have something new to do or discover every day.