Join us as we try out the Astromancer in Blade & Soul and win some codes!

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In case you missed it, NCSoft's free to play MMO, Blade & Soul, is coming out with a new class. Blade & Soul: Cosmic Horizon features the 13th class to the game—the Astromancer! Wield cosmic magic or use the lightning of the heavens in the most explosive class yet. Players that login before October 14 will enjoy all the great content with Cosmic Horizon, unlock an additional character slot, and receive a free level 60 character voucher!

We couldn’t resist learning more about what promises to be a fun new chance to dive into the game. 


The Astromancer will be available starting on September 23. Users who login will get a free Astromancer Pack from the in-game store and will have a chance to start the journey from the beginning. 

To celebrate, on September 24 at 11:00 AM ET, rxysurfchic and I will be hosting a mini Community Meet Up as we start the journey anew and try out this brand new class. 

Join us at and check out the Astromancer and a chance to win some cool codes, thanks to our friends at NCSoft.

See you there!


UPDATE: The meetup will be starting at 11:30 AM ET.

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I am really looking forward to this. BnS is one of my most favorite game back then but eventually it fall off. I'm probably come back because of new class.

Alrighty, will do. This game looks good and would love to try it out! Thanks for the invitation :D

"thanks to our friends at NCSoft"

lol friends, 99% of the community hates nc because of ruining this great game with their greed. They care only about milking money out of the whales, they don't care about f2p, they don't communicate with the community nor do they care about fixing the piss poor performance this game has.

Last update we got new whale gear system (compound) that has rng on top of rng that requires to run 2+year old recycled content to get (msp, recycled for the second time now, and recycled means here nothing changed except increased hp of the bosses). And this update we get a recycled dungeon (naryu sanctum) where from what could be seen from the stream apparently nothing is changed except the bosses hp either.

Make as much money with as little effort as possible, that's how nc runs this game nowadays.