Chivalry 2 Expansion

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Chivalry 2 developer Torn Banner announced post-debut plans for the game. Studio Torn Banner wants to add new map to essentially double the games existing size, add new methods of combat including horses and interactives, and new character customizations. A teased 6th map called Galencourt that sports the Agatha Knights as the home team defending their castle against the invading Mason players. Masons will lead the siege with catapults and siege ramps until they breach the castle. Its up to the 64 players to find the new easter egg weapons hidden amongst the map. Other worthy mentions are talks of new armor, competitive modes, smaller team modes, and returning from chivalry 1, is the arrow cam.

Countless beheadings and arm lopping’s have led to me wanting more. I remember witnessing a player climbing and loading himself into a catapult. Shortly after my teammate launched him over the enemy team. I was in love… There’s much more to this blood and gore fest than meets the eyes. Seeing that Torn Banner is investing into the game will keep the player count and fill these 64 player servers. Hope to see some of you on the battle field!!!

Feel free to add me if you play Filthy Snoogans

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Im so excited i hope they fix the crossplay! Ill definitely add you and thankyou for the info

altpepis said:

Great! I love this game

Lmao why did you get down voted?? No worries my guy I gave you the upvote. Thanks for the response. Always love the support from the community.

ChosenOne88 said:

More blood!

Hell yeah brotha more guts and glory. Nothing like battle crying before swinging a massive battle axe and totally decapitate your foe lmao