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Art Book Competition

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Heya all.

We’re running an amazing competition! We’re producing a beautiful e-book that will showcase the very best of the stunning artwork produced for the game. The book will be available digitally in the coming months and we want to feature YOUR fan artwork in it!

All you need to do is create a piece of fan artwork that is inspired by the Worlds Adrift universe. It should take inspiration from one or more of the game’s elements, such as floating islands, creatures, ruins, sky ships… the more creative, the better! Check out this link to our forum for some entries by our community.

Did we mention there were prizes?
Five winners will each win:

– One Steam key of the full game of Worlds Adrift, as well as four additional keys for their friends
– Placement of your artwork in the forthcoming limited-edition Worlds Adrift art e-book
– A framed print of your artwork to adorn your wall
– Promotion of their winning artwork across the Worlds Adrift social channels

Email your fabulous entries to

The deadline for entries is Sunday 31st July

Terms & conditions are available here.

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loks nices this game.