Play Overwatch free over Thanksgiving week between bouts of stuffing your face

Play Overwatch free over Thanksgiving week between bouts of stuffing your face

Blizzard will make Overwatch free to play November 20-26 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Not a bad way to spend Thanksgiving week.

Pre-loading starts today for those on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PlayStation Plus membership and Xbox Live Gold subscription is required.

The entire content of the game will be available including the full roster of 29 heroes, as well as all maps and modes.

All progress saved during the free trial week will carry over to the full game upon purchase.

During the Free Trial, folks with linked Blizzard and Twitch accounts who watch two hours of Overwatch streams will unlock in-game rewards. Watch the streams November 20-26 and earn three Ashe-themed sprays.

More information is available on the Overwatch website. Start times for various regions are posted below.

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JIEXArus edited

Blizzard прямо расщедрились на бесплатные выходные по Overwatch :)

"If the dreams of the Western mind give birth to monsters, the Eastern subconscious gives them the subtle beauty of prints and indispensable parable wisdom."© “You know, looking at our world, you can say one thing, there will be a queue in hell.” ©


JIEXArus said:

Blizzard прямо расщедрились на бесплатные выходные по Overwatch :)

why would you reply in russian?




Норм подгон




6y light





Nice, I now can try my Dolby Atmos headphones. I dislike shooters but if it sounds good I might buy it. I am beginning to think I am an Audiophile ?




should activate my game from humble?


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Overwatch will be free to play starting on Tuesday, November 20 and for the duration of the week.

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