Neverwinter: Infernal Descent - A New AWA Limited Event!

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We are excited to bring you all another special event promotion here on Alienware Arena. Partnering again with Perfect World, we decided to help set you all up for your travels into the NINE HELLS! 


With the launch of Neverwinter: Infernal Descent, this week we’ll be giving away an ARP Booster, 15 ARP, a unique Infernal badge (How cool is that?), and the Neverwinter: Infernal Descent “Little Devil’s Pack”.

This pack includes Bind on Pickup (BoP) Items:

  • Quasit Companion

  • “Little Devil” title


Make your way to Vallenhas Manor, scenically situated in AVERNUS - The first layer of Hell riddled in the bodies of devils and demons locked in the eternal Blood War!

Featured Content:

  • Two New Heroes: Paladin & Bard

  • New Storyline: based off of the official campaign by Wizards of the Coast

  • New Level 80 Campaign - Descent into Avernus

  • 2 Story Instances: A House In Need & The Last Bastion 

  • New Level 80 Adventure Zone: Vallenhas Estate

  • New Dungeon: Infernal Citadel

  • New otherworldly mounts and rewards

  • And more!















This promotion will run from January 27th at 7pm EST to January 31st at 7pm EST. Prizing is accrued so to get everything you need to log in each and every day of the promotion to claim the next prize.

Don’t forget to watch the Neverwinter: Infernal Descent live stream on January 29th at 11AM PT on

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I was worried I missed it but seems it will start later, today.