The Hatching-tide is upon FFXIV at the end of this month!

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With Little Ladies Days behind us, we are getting close to egg hunting season! This year the revelrous rabbit in Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre would share the joy of this wondrous celebration with one and all. This event will be split into two chapters! The first will begin at March 30th and the second one will be available on April 5th to April 13th. You can pick the quest up in Gridania, as always!

This year’s rewards eggcellent include two rather ominous looking bunny suits. One plain and one dapper version with little cuffs and collars. Now you can make certain that some poor sprout will have a very weird first Praetorium experience.

Of course, we also receive some very cute decorations for everyone’s favourite content: housing! This year it’s a cute dyeable plush rabbit and another poster with adorable art for your artwork collection. These items will, as always, be obtainable through the little story questline for the event and through repeated quests to earn tokens to trade in for the housing items.

As our egg-hunt will probably be digital only this year, so in what game will you spent yours?

If you have a lot of time on your hands now and want to have a look behind the scenes on how this expansion came to live, the new fourth episode of the Developer Diary to Shadowbringers just released as well!

Ishgardian Restoration:

Also, be sure to log-in to receive your rewards for the Ishgardian Restoration if you participated in the Skybuilders Ranking!

Rank 1 to 12 receive the “Saint of the Firmament” title.

Rank 13 to 100 will unlock the “Minor Miracle” achievement which grants the “Beatus/Beata of the Firmament” title.

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