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Today we got graced with the likes of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Sound familiar? You may have played Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral town in 2003. This classic reboot is nostalgic, yet fresh at the same time. Having played for about 2 hours here is my first impression of the game.

Town Map

The animation style is a little different compared to the original Harvest Moon version, however, there are lots of similarities to the original farmer's clothes and many more things!

One thing that they did right in this version is speeding things up a little. Everything is speeding up. THANK YOU. Say goodbye to walking simulator and say hello to EXTREME chopping, digging, and watering your way to riches. Even the NPC conversations can be skipped in less than a second with minimal cut scenes leaving us to do what we do best. Speed farm. See speed sything below! 

Speed Farming


Now, you may think… well, it’s a farming game its supposed to be slow. However, these actions get tedious, such as watering 2 billion cops individually so sometimes you need the speed in order to make the game enjoyable. They listened.

At first, when you start the game you have 2 options of difficultly, easy, and normal. With easy, crops fetch a little higher price and you start out with a small patch of turnips. In normal, you get nothing and must work your way scrounging debris/flowers to be able to afford starter seeds.

On day 2, I was able to buy a chicken. On day 5, I received a knock on my door, and to my surprise, it was a horse that I named Loafie.

As with most similar style games, figuring out what is the most profitable way to make money is key. In previous versions, you relied heavily on mining and selling gems. That seems to not be the prime money maker in this game and crops are the way to go.

From one rancher to another, may you have a bountiful harvest in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town.


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It's so adorable, I haven't played Story of Seasons/Harvest moon since the Gamecube days. I instantly bought this when I saw it on PC. 

Hello ! Interesting and charming graphic of the game ! Thank you for information ! :)